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Sass Construction and Design is a division of Shelley Sass Designs, and was the next logical step after the many bathroom, kitchen and entire home remodels undertaken and delivered by Shelley Sass Designs.

As a local business in the San Diego area, we attribute our reputation (see reviews here) to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. 

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Home is where every wonderful story begins. It’s where families make memories and cherish the good times together. It’s a place where laughter never ends and dreams are formed. Love makes a house into a true home. Well, love and something called a Whole Home Remodel.

Just like with everything else, a house can get worn out, design styles can change over time and things break along the way. It might not be the same house you fell in love with when you first bought it, but there’s no need to worry! We can transform your space into a home that you’ll truly love and can enjoy from now until forever. Let’s make your home truly your own.

What is a Whole Home Remodel?

View our Frenchie Project Here

What would it take to make your current house your dream home? A new kitchen backsplash, a bigger master bathroom, maybe a larger floor area in your living room? If you answered a big yes to any of these, then you could be ready for a Whole Home Remodel.

A remodel is the best way to bring a dated home back to life. It’s the perfect opportunity to transform several areas of your home into functional spaces that are fit for your lifestyle. Have you been dreaming about a larger living room area or refinishing your hardwood floors? You can trust the Sass Construction and Design team to help you. Our San Diego based team of talented contractors and designers will help you achieve your dream home makeover!

Have questions? Consult with our in-house designer!

Sass Construction and Design interior designer Shelley

Why a Full Home Remodel?

Need more reasons to give in to your next home renovation project? Here are the most common reasons why homeowners do a house remodel:

Whole Home Remodeling to Improve Functionality

Full house remodel design

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Maybe you haven’t been inspired to whip up delicious meals in your kitchen because it’s just too cluttered and cramped. Perhaps you’ve been toying around the idea of converting an unused room into a more practical space like an office instead. If so, a whole home remodel can help transform every space in your house into areas that are more functional. An entire house renovation allows you to design spaces that you can truly use and enjoy.

Full House Remodeling to Bring a Wow Factor

Gorgeous dining area remodel

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Let’s say you live in a nice neighborhood, it’s close to the kids’ school, it has everything you need and you see your family living there for a long time… it’s perfect, except you’re not really in love with the way your house looks. It’s actually quite common for homeowners to purchase an old, outdated home and later on feel the need to update or improve some areas of it. A whole home remodel can help transform your home from drab to fab! A few interior changes here and there, add a sprinkle of your style and personality into the mix and you can make your home truly yours in no time.

Entire Home Remodeling to Accommodate Changing Lifestyles

Bathroom remodel for changing lifestyles

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Lifestyle changes every so often – babies don’t stay little for so long, teenagers need their privacy (and distance), and before you know it, you’ve got an 18 year old who’s ready to move out. Similarly, you and your hubby will grow old and might need certain additions to make your home safer and easier to live in. Sometimes an entire home renovation is necessary to accommodate changes in the way you live.

Home Remodeling to Increase Resale Value

Home for sale after remodeling

If you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, doing a full remodel can vastly improve its worth. Why? Because most potential buyers prefer a move-in ready home where they can throw all their stuff and live as soon as possible. More importantly, certain features like a bathtub or an extra bedroom can also add appeal to a house and increase its potential value when you do put it on the market. Either way, a whole home remodel is the best way to boost your property’s selling rate!

Full Home Remodel for Safety and Efficiency

Repairing home for safety and efficiency

You probably have a long list of to-do’s for your current home – a new patio or a bathroom remodel. However, there might be hidden things in your home that need proper care and attention too. A leaking roof, cracked windows, or a faulty electrical wiring system are renovation projects that can’t be put off. Likewise older homes are also less technologically advanced compared to newer ones… so certain renovations can increase a home’s energy efficiency and save money in the long run.

Whole Home Remodel Expert in San Diego: Sass Construction & Design

Home renovation dining area

View Our Home by the Sea Project Here

Looking to remodel your home? Here are a few reasons why Sass Construction and Design is the best choice when it comes to remodeling your San Diego property:

Interior Design and Construction Under One Roof – Our team of designers and builders can help oversee your project from the beginning until the end. At Sass Construction and Design, we believe that a team with the same aims and objectives is crucial to a successful whole home remodeling process. That’s why you can find all your design and remodeling needs right here with our variety of experts and contractors.

Unparalleled Expertise – Whether you’re remodeling your entire house or a few areas in your home, our team of fully licensed contractors and designers can make your dream home come to life. We’re a professional and reputable firm with years of experience in the field. Check out our Houzz reviews here. We attribute our reputation to the quality of our work and lasting customer relationships we’ve built over the years.

Dependable Efficiency – We know that a whole home remodel is a huge project that requires both dedication and commitment. Not just from you as a homeowner but also from your team of contractors and designers. At Sass Construction and Design, we strive to provide excellent service from the moment we begin the remodeling process, to the design phase, until we add the final touches to your dream home!

Challenge is Our Fuel – We promise to be there with you every step of the way. Every home renovating process has its ups and downs but our team of professional contractors can help provide the support you need. We’re big on communication and we do our utmost to provide the most stress-free and hassle-free remodeling process for our clients. Trust that Sass Construction and Design will handle every setback and hindrance so you don’t have to.

⑤ Great Attention to Detail – It’s the little details that are vital to a successful home improvement project. When you’re remodeling several areas of your house, a meticulous design is very important to ensure that all spaces remain functional and cohesive (design wise) at the same time.

Local Dream Team – We’re a San Diego based design-build team that has been servicing the area since 2000. We proudly serve surrounding areas around San Diego county as well including (but not limited to) Del Mar, Poway, La Jolla, Mission Bay, Mission Valley, Carmel Valley, Sorrento Mesa, Torrey Hills, and Bay Terraces.

Our 5-Step Whole Home Remodel Process

Woman sketching home renovation design

As a premier design-build contractor in San Diego, we follow these steps to keep our home remodel process accurate and efficient:

① Planning and Design Phase – With your vision and our expertise, we can create detailed floor plans, layouts and renderings of your future dream home. We first start with a list of your needs and wants, prioritizing the things that would make your home complete. Then, we will provide you a precise budget quotation and also get started on other important tasks such as hiring subcontractors and on-site inspections.

② Pre-Construction Phase – Once you’ve approved the official design, we can start preparing the licenses, permits and other documents we’ll need to start the remodeling process. Then you’ll be consulting with Shelley, our in-house interior designer, to select materials such as tiles, paint, cabinets, appliances, etc.

Demolition Phase – Once we’re sure that the structure and surrounding areas are safe, we can go through with the demolition. It might look fun in theory but it’s a tough and dirty task. Thus, it’s best to hire a subcontractor that can do the job well and quickly.

Construction Phase – Depending on the scope of your home remodel, this includes repairs, installing fixtures, tiling and painting. We make sure to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Finishing Phase – We do final touches like installing lightings, cleaning up and generally finding a place for the tiny little things. We also do a final meeting with the homeowner to make sure they are satisfied with the final result of their dream home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to remodel a home?

A whole home remodel can cost anywhere between $40,000 to $500,000. It really depends on the extent and scope of your planned remodel. It’s best to consult a professional design-build firm for more accurate estimates. For more information, you can also read our blog post on an average home remodel cost here.

What is the difference between remodel and renovate?

The terms remodel and renovate are sometimes used interchangeably but they do have varying definitions. When you talk about renovating, it means that you’re improving an already existing structure on the surface (or cosmetically). On the other hand, remodeling is more extensive as it can include several things. Remodeling encompasses changing an existing structure, layout or floor plan through demolition and construction.

Where do I start when remodeling a house?

Always start with a vision of your dream home. Look for inspiration online through Pinterest or magazines. Start planning and figuring out your preferred style and design. Not sure you even know what you are looking for? Give us a call and we will gladly help you bring your vision to life. 

Is remodeling your home worth it?

There are many advantages to remodeling your home. A home remodel is a great way to improve your home’s aesthetic or even its resale value in the future. More importantly, it allows you to transform your home into your dream home. A place where you can enjoy and relax, a place that is truly your own.

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